Monday, December 8, 2008

allowance? yes please!

After taking some advice from the efficient money handling BF, I've decided to start giving myself a weekly allowance. 20. Yup. A big fat whopping twenty dollars to last me each week. It can go toward eating lunches out, coffees, anything that I want. And the best part.... if I don't spend it, it can roll over - or I can put it in my fun fund! I will also do the same on weekends - 20 to go toward eating out, movies, bars, etc.

Last week I had $3. Lol. Way to go me. And today, it rolled over to some photos being printed at target as part of my mom's christmas present. So far today I've spent 10 for another part of my sister's present... that came out of my checking account. So I have 20 and no clue what to do with it.... I think I'll sit a bit on this one.

I've been really good with money lately - I haven't gone shopping at all this month (okay, I know Dec is only 8 days old but still).... I have been tempted but I keep reaching out to BF and my mom for support to not spend. It's rough - I'm tellin' ya. But... I hope it just for the time being.

I'm cold. In fact, I've been cold all day. It seems as if December has finally caught up with Northern CA and I might have to turn the furnace on tonight (if I can figure out its location). Temps are supposed to drop to 41 overnight - and that's pretty cold. It's so hard to get up in the mornings too! I think tomorrow will definitely be an ugg day...

Anyway. Almost time to go home here - so hooray for that.

Monday, December 1, 2008

New month, new plan

So I still haven't fully recovered from a 20% pay cut. I feel really bad - especially with Christmas right around the corner - I had wanted to do nice things for my family this year ... but we'll see.

Anyway. So BF and I have kinda worked out a plan for me. Each week I will take out 20.00 for food, snacks, coffees, etc. On my lunch break (I made a sandwich today!), I went to the bank and withdrew 470.00. 450 for this half of the month's rent, and 20 cash to keep for the previously mentioned weekly cash. I did splurge on a hot apple cider today (2.80), but that was on a gift card. I do have to go pick up part of mom's christmas present today (1.50) so that will come out of my 20.00 as well. However... I did sell some unused mac makeup for 25.00 - so that is in my paypal account at the moment.

I spent about 50.00 at safeway and trader joes on Sunday. I bought things for breakfasts and lunches at work (cheeses, yogurts, crackers, salami, veggies for pasta salad, frozen pizzas) that I can prepare and bring ahead of time. Hopefully this will squash my urge to eat out in the financial district.

94.00 today went to paying my car registration... eeek. That one hurt. But at least I only have to register my car once a year - and my parents were nice enough to fill my gas tank up! And those gas prices - holy moly! I saw under 2.00 in SAN FRANCISCO this weekend! I actually snapped a photo with my iphone at one station, lol. I do owe them 60.00 for car insurance though... that will come out of the cash that I squalled aside last paycheck.

I'm trying to keep christmas presents around 50.00 to each person this year - I've already ordered my sisters (30.00+15.00) so hers is done... I have to order my mom's and finish it up and I have no clue what to get my dad. He usually asks for a shirt... and then I give him a close to 50 something dollar gift card to peets.

Soooo... trying to keep things on a low level right now. Since I now have Fridays off I'm thinking of volunteering or doing something good so that I don't sit around the house and mope all day. We'll see how it turns out.

Ooop BF and I need toilet paper... maybe costco run/$1.50 hot dog dinner tomorrow night!