Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

2009. Dang, I seriously can't believe how fast time flies - I mean I can't believe that 2008 has come and gone! Out with old, in with the new right? Soooo ... out with the old spending habits, in with new ones.

I'm still pushing myself to stick to my 20.00 a week allowance. Its really hard... but what can you do? The last two weeks weren't good budget wise - a lot of activities and shopping - but yesterday I took back 100.00 worth of things that turned out to not fit or I had something similar, so that makes me feel a bit better. My dad's parents were also very generous with us for christmas, so my parents will be depositing a large amount into my savings account. Hooray! And... mom also gave me 105.00 to use to get a present for myself. I have no idea what to get - but she said I had to get myself something - I'm in trouble if I use it for groceries.

Speaking of groceries, BF and I went grocery shopping for the first time in awhile yesterday. He spent 40 at safeway and I spent 20 at trader joes. We got lots of lunchmeats, yogurts, pastas and sauce, veggies, and some stir frys. Not bad! Hopefully that should keep us going well into the next pay period. And a friend is treating us to dinner tonight, so yay!

My current fun fund total is 410.00 - I'm so proud of myself! I mean, I did put the 105 from mom in there... but seriously - over 400 in less than 6 months! I have been craving a new agenda... so I may get that... but we'll see.

And tonight I'm going to purge my MAC makeup collection again to try and get rid of things. It turns out that blues are not a good color on me... so anything bright blue is going to go. Oooh I think I have 50 something in my paypal, so I'll put that into savings too.

Anyway - hope everyone is having a fab start to 2009 and that this year is better (financially!) than 2008.