Friday, November 7, 2008

I love Fridays.

I really, really do. Friday - the day that the hours can seemingly melt by - or even if they dragged you wouldn't mind since the weekend is coming up.

With Veterans Day coming up on Tuesday, I took Monday off to have a 4 day weekend. And since I've been saying that I need a vacation for quite some time, my mom and I are going up to the wine country to overnight, relax, eat, and just have some healthy downtime. I'm quite excited - as our rooms were 87 a night - so that seems like quite a deal (compared to the other places that were 250+ a night!).

This evening some of us are going to a comedy show where I was able to get discounted tickets. If you sign up for goldstar you get a weekly email with events in your area - most of the time with half price or even FREE tickets. I'll get us some pizzas with coupons from dominoes and voila! Dinner and a show.

With the holidays fast approaching it starts to be time for holiday shopping. BF and I have already given each other gifts for the holidays - so all I really need to worry about is mom, dad, sister, roommate, and perhaps a friend or two. With my new found photo obsession I was thinking of blowing up some of my prints and framing them for my parents. Or maybe I should just stick to the peets gift card I get dad every year, but we'll see.

Anyway - time to get back to "work". Updates later..

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