Monday, November 3, 2008

November november

Oh November - you've come up so quickly and October ended so fast!

For the month I spent a bit too much money.. although I did go through a purse this morning and find a check made out to me! So I'm going to deposit it into my fun fund.

Since payday was Friday, on Saturday morning I transferred a chunk into my savings account. I also withdrew almost half of November's rent and am keeping that into an envelope to later turn into a cashier's check for BF. Sounds confusing.. but I'm hoping that it will help me cut down on costs.

My mom purchased us a slow cooker... so I'm way excited. I'm really hoping that this will make lunches and dinners easier and more fun. I'm getting a bit tired of peanut buttery and raspberry jam... so we will see. Again - I do wish we had a microwave at work! Although the bagel bites have been doing well.

Today I do have to make the journey to safeway - they have some meats on sale (i'm thinking beef stew and chili), plus I need more jam, cottage cheese, and some spices. I'm trying my best to scope out some sales so that I can save more money that way. I do need to go to Walgreeens to get my that will be another 25 there too. Ugh!

Anyway - I think I'm going to catch up on some other blogs and I promise (really hard this time!) not to neglect this so much.

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Missie said...

I go to Safeway a lot because it's so convenient being near my house, however I really should stop because they are really expensive. You should try Food Maxx, it's tons cheaper and will save lots of money there!!