Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just plain tired..

So yesterday morning on our way to work BF and i had a great chat about ways to strategize and save money. Work was going good... until a 12 o'clock meeting.. .where our company sat us down and told us that this year there would be no bonuses. And effective dec 1, we would all be reduced to a 4 day work week... with a 20% pay decrease. This is bad. Very bad. 20% of my pay... is more than half my monthly rent.

Needless to say... the past day hasn't been very good. I go between feelings of anger to sadness.. I know its not the end of the world and heck I should be lucky I still have a job... but I feel so crappy. I feel like I can't afford presents this year, and I've been contemplating getting a part time job. I will hate to leave my coworkers... but hey I have to feed and shelter myself, know what I mean?

Happy early Thanksgiving... more later.

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