Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Autumn updates

Oh blog, I'm sorry that this weekend slipped by so fast and I was unable to write in you. This weekend was a very expensive weekend. I bought BF his anniversary prsent - an xbox 360. BF has been up late the past few nights playing it, but it makes him happy and keeps him entertained. Overall a good choice, haha. That was a dent in my checking account, but it's okay - it's totally worth it.

I also picked up some more sweats and another sweater - all of which were on sale! I did buy another sweatshirt, but I believe I will be taking that one back. I got a great cardigan at Old Navy for 14.92 - they need sales like that more often!

With October in full force the weather is changing so quickly. It's getting darker out a lot more earlier so that means more lights on in the house. I've been trying to light candles to help out and also layering clothes inside so we avoid turning on the heater. I'm quite fond of keeping our heating bills under $25.00!

Another item that I will need to save for will be my car registration and unfortunately this year it needs a smog too. My registration is 90.00 + the cost of the smog. That isn't due until late December so I can start putting a few dollars away here and there to help lessen the blow on that one.

I also made another sale - I sold my LV accessory that I had up for sale. That will ship out later this week and help with the visa bill.

I've also brought my lunch for the past few days - that has been helping keep food costs down, although I think I will be dreadfully sick of sandwiches in the near future. Any advice on other cheap lunch alternatives would be great - but keep in mind I have no microwave or oven or anything to heat up meals here in the office.

That's all for today - will update you later :)

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Missie said...

XBOX eh?? I got it for DF last Christmas and we just decided to buy another one for him. Haha! So now lucky little spoiled one gets TWO!! One for when we stay at my family's house on the weekends and one for the weekdays at his house!! And I agree, it's well worth it's money!!

As for lunch, I think you could do some really good cold pasta salad!