Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October already!

I had a total blast going shopping for winter clothes yesterday. My first stop was victoria's secret's pink - they were having a sale and I got a new sweatshirt for 19.99 - which came to 21.64 with tax. Pretty exciting! I then went on to forever 21 where I got 5 items for 94.00. I got a sweater vest, a thick long sleeved polo, long sleeved vneck, long sleeved cardigan, and a tshirt. Not bad! I'm feeling better about my winter wardrobe since I now have some items to layer under others and keep me warm.

Tonight my mom, sister, and I are going to a breast cancer event at the Melting Pot. I'm excited to eat there but even more excited to help with the breast cancer aspect of it. My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and lost one breast to the disease, but today she is cancer free. It'll be a good mom/daughter bonding event.. as long as my sister behaves.

I'm also getting the urge for a vacation. I haven't had a long relaxing vacation in almost two years! Although I did go to Europe last year we were running around the whole 6 weeks. And since I haven't taken hardly any vacation time here I think that I may just take Monday Nov 10 before veterans day off and hopefully escape to San Diego with mom for a bit of relaxing! Airfare is cheap on virgin america - 49/one way. I'm also looking at cheap hotels that may offer a kitchenette that allows us to cook to save money on meals. I'll hopefully bring the idea up with her tonight at dinner and sway her to take that Monday off.

So that's whats going on today - we'll see if the vacation thing actually comes through - and I'll still have 9 vacation days left afterward. Thats it for now, recap to come on the breast cancer dinner after tonight.

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Missie said...

Geez VS sweater for 19.99?? i must GO THERE tomorrow with my dad. (haha, weird to go to a sexy store with pops, but he'll most likely skip going inside and he'll be at like nike town. haha!!)

And which Melting Pot are you going to?? The one in Larkspur or the one in San Mateo?? I used to work at the San Mateo location awhile ago!!

Happy October girl!!