Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October updates

Wow, so its been a bit of awhile, unfortunately. When things get busy somehow the blog gets neglected.

Anyway. October has been a very expensive month, sadly to say. With the BF and my upcoming anniversary, I totally splurged on his present - an xbox 360. But now he is a happy boy and that's all that matters. Aside from that there has been some cold weather shopping and a couple of birthday parties to attend. That means money toward dinner and drinks/other activities. But this past weekend BF and I did find some free things to do around town with our public transit passes, so that always keeps costs low.

Since I seem to constantly have the struggle with what works best for my paychecks, I think I may revert to pulling out half of my rent (450) at the first of the month and putting another 450 straight into my savings. That will leave 200 left over for groceries and other necessities. I think having a much lower amount in my checking and taking 50.00 out in cash will really make me think twice about spending (especially with having to hand over cash for things.. hopefully it will make me stingy!). We'll see how that works - and of course the second paycheck on the 15th would cover the other half of rent, more money into savings, and cable, cell phone, and heating bills (2/3 paid back by roomies for apartment expenses).

Yesterday was also another expensive day as I ordedred my very first digital SLR camera. I'm so, so excited - I had been shopping around for the best price and once I found it from a shop that a coworker reccomended, I pounced! Plus - dad is giving me 1/2 the cost of the camera too! I just need to get the tracking number and hopefully get myself to sit tight until it comes.

I do still need to go through my makeup wardrobe... I have so much I don't use and its a waste! And I have to keep pushing the fendi bag I have up for sale...

Anyway. More updates to come as needed. :)


Missie said...

oooh yay!! we just bought another xbox 360 one for each house!! and DF found a place online where they were new and ONLY costed 190.00 with TAX AND SHIPPING!!!!!!

makeupandpearls said...

wait WHAAAAAT. damn! his was 199 plus another controller came to 260 *faint*

he has to take care of the games himself though! haha