Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thank goodness for payday

Just when I thought I wasn't going to make it, thank god today is payday! The only bill that I have to pay for with this paycheck is my share of heat - which is.... $7! Woohoo! I did splurge a bit on lunch today - I had sushi for $8, but at least my sushi/salt craving is gone. I'll make some pasta salad with chicken and broccoli for lunch tomorrow - yum!

Yesterday was my roommate's birthday as I mentioned previously. I bought some cupcakes for her birthday, and then we joined her and some friends for drinks and tapas. The bill was $25 since we all pitched in to cover her share. Not bad - I had a great time and got to meet some new people too!

With the weather changing here, I've decided it's about time for me to brush up my winter wardrobe. I love autumn - being able to wear big fuzzy sweaters and warmer items totally makes me happy. So tonight after work I'm giving myself 100.00 out of my paycheck to get some winter basics. I'm going to look for sweaters and other fall items to keep me warm through winter. I did consult BF on this matter and he just said "it sure as hell beats being cold". True that!

Today during some off time I took the opportunity to make myself an excel spreadsheet for my spending. It has five pages in it - one for my checking, savings, and fun funds with goals, my visa amount and goals, and also a list of monthly expenses (rent, utilities, etc) that need to be paid and by what dates. I think that If I start tracking my spending down to a T I'll be able to see what things are unnecessary and that I can do without. I may even print it out and take it with me, or just keep track of it with a tiny notebook in my bags.

I'm still trying to bump up some of my sales - I have one handbag left the LV accessory. I also had someone interested in a pair of jeans that I've had up - so if those sell that would help too! I'm feeling really motivated about my spending and accounts right now, so lets hope that I can keep my spirits up!


Missie said...

$8 sushi?! where was this?? oh and im going to start vloggig this weekend i hope. new camera on thursday!!

makeupandpearls said...

$8 sushi from tokyo express - haha. there is one at stonestown - have you been there?