Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bit of a relapse...

So sadly today I had a bit of a shopping relapse. I think most people know how much I love my MAC Makeup. Well, if you've ever been outlet shopping I think you may know about a store called the Cosmetics Company Outlet which sells discounted makeup. One was set to open in lovely San Francisco - and it did. Except for the fact that tomorrow the store goes invitation only. So my behind, along with a coworker hightailed it down there to the store on lunch break. And ladies, was it beautiful. Upon walking in they had shelf after shelf of MAC - it was so pretty! And then... my holy grail makeup was sitting there on a shelf. I almost started jumping up and down. So I grabbed two. Plus some shadesticks. An eyeshadow. And a paint pot. And a tendertone. So I charged it..and have been having a fabulous day since.

I broke my makeup for that reason solely - I hadn't bought makeup since August! So tomorrow I go on the makeup ban again, only a much, much happier camper.

Hopefully more updates to come... I'll try and post an updated visa amount later on this week :)

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