Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whew - I can't believe that this week has gone by already - and sadly my poor blog has been neglected. I apologize blog - but I'm here to stay.

This week I only spent money on lunch. 7 on Monday, 6.50 Tuesday, 7 Wednesday, 11 Thursday (that one hurt...) and 6 yesterday. Not bad not bad. I'm going to try start making pasta salad again and bringing that to work. The reason why I buy my lunch just about everyday is our lack of microwave, oven, anything at my office that doesn't allow me to bring leftovers and heat them up. I hate this -but what can I do? Sandwiches aren't exactly my most favorite thing to eat on a daily basis, and salads rarely fill me up. Bah. It's always a battle.

I got a 50 amex gift card and I have no idea what to spend it on! If I could apply it toward my visa balance I totally would, but unfortunately I can't. I did get my work re-emburcements yesterday, so I'm holding $492.81 and 300 in birthday money - comes to 792.81, and with the 71 that my mom owes me it comes to $864.81. Not bad. I haven't had any takers on my stuff for sale so I may just turn to eBay which scares me, but what can I do.

I've also come to the realization that I don't need all of these fancy items. I might sell most of my balenciaga cities (gasp). I'm hesitant to let go of my Vuittons, but we'll see...

My mom and sister are coming in to the city today since Dave went to work and my dad and sister's boyfriend are busy. I think we are going to go to Chinatown (sigh since I work there) and maybe Union Square. I am going to leave the Visa card at home though!

So that's it for now... I'll see about updating later on if I have more to say!

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