Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today is the day!

That I get to pay off a whopping $900 on my visa card - the bulk of it from work for re-embursable expenses. I feel as if a load has been taken off my shoulders. After work I'm going to stop by the bank and deposit the checks and schedule my payment to chase. Waaahooo!

I also had to pay my cell phone (64) and cable/internet (89) today. Those definitely hurt the wallet. I did, however, monitor my text message usage and saw that I haven't even used 10% of the 1500 texts that I'm paying an extra 10.00 for so I canceled that aspect on my at&t bill. I'm also still thinking of selling the iphone and going back to just having minutes and texts. I don't need anything fancy - email and internet can always wait until home. The only drawback is not having email and my calendar readily available for work ... we'll see what happens with this one though.

I'm torn on a few things. I'm really feeling quite bummed out today. I did put 500 into my savings yesterday, but the utilities and cell phone bill just wiped my account out. This leads me to other thoughts of debt and monetary woes. Will I never be able to get ahead? Will I always feel as if I have to live paycheck to paycheck? What happens when I want to buy a house? I'm so scared and worried that I'll make the same mistakes that some family members have done. I desperately don't want to be like them and try to set different goals and spending habits for myself, but sometimes its just so hard. I hope BF and I are able to sit down sometime soon and make up an actual real budget that I stick to.

I sold a bunch of makeup online - so that's going to make my makeup case and my bank account a bit happier. Once I get the full invoice paid from the lady I'll go ahead and ship that off and deposit the money into my account.

The only other bill that I have to worry about for the next month is our heat - 21 split between 3 people. Somehow, I think I'll be able to come up with the $7.

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Missie said...

You can do it!! You're doing great!!