Thursday, September 4, 2008

Money goals

So I've decided that I really need to kick my spending habits to the curb and up my savings.

Here's a breakdown of my debt:
United chase visa card: 1244.03, 500.00 of which is owed to me through work and another 70 by my parents. That leaves me with roughly 674.03 to be eliminated.

So far I've received 200.00 in birthday money - bill is now 474.03.

Up for sale I have my Fendi purse, which I've priced at 650, an ed hardy hat at 40, two coach purses at 65 and 75, and another tote bag at 40. if all of those sold today it would total 870 - more than enough to get me out of debt.

My monthly income is $2200, with 900 to rent and about 63 for my phone, and 50 for both heat and cable/internet, leaving me with 1187. I should be saving about 800 of that! I walk to work everyday, try to cook most nights but I do splurge on lunches - about 5-10 everyday. I really try to keep it under 10, but sometimes here in the city it's hard.

I've also thought of reducing my cell phone bill by getting rid of my iphone for a phone that just has minutes and texts. I sometimes feel as if I don't use my iphone for what it was fully intended for, and quite frankly that 63 could be saved or put to other use!

What seems to really bother me is that since I've been working for a full year I should have a lot more in my savings. But I think I let myself - and my mom get the best of me while living at home. I bought designer jeans and handbags up the wazoo - not batting an eyelash at extraordinary amounts paypalled over almost every payday to get a new bag.

Of course I regret it now - and hope that I can tone down my collection to something that I will actually use and LOVE with most of the unneccessary items sold.
Whew, what a mouthful...

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