Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally did it.

So friends, today I must admit is pretty bittersweet. I just sold my first balenciaga bag. The 2005 bordeaux was definitely my first love - but alas, she has spent most of her months in my possession in her dustbag tucked away in my closet. So I listed her and she sold. Today I am $1000 richer, and feeling a bit more free.

This past weekend was good, albeit way too fast. My parents had a birthday party for me and I got $150 in cash. Not too shabby! On Sunday I returned a pair of boots that when I put on made me look like an elf. So that is $120 back on my visa card! Hooray! I did spend 67 at Target though... I needed some cleaning supplies, got BF some cereal, and picked up a few winter essentials since the weather will be changing fast. Mom also totally spoiled me - she bought me a painting for our apt, new jeans, two new sweaters and a new blazer. And she bought me lunch yesterday. So needless to say I'm feeling a bit better about everything.

I'm waiting to see what my updated visa bill looks like now after the returns that I've made on it. With the money that I've made on the handbag it's more than enough to get me out of debt and start to replenish my savings. I'm very, very excited - I may even put 100 in my fun fund that I started at BofA.

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