Monday, September 15, 2008

weekend in review

Here's a weekend update - I can't believe that it's Monday already!

Saturday my mom and sister came into the city. I did bring my visa card with me - but I spent $0! I am so proud of myself! My mom did buy me a tote bag, a hat, and splurged on a pedicure for me though - which was way kind and totally unnecessary. But regardless I had a good time.

Sunday I made some returns to urban outfitters - that's +43.00. I did have to get some gifts for my RAOK buddy, so that was -33.00. Dave and I headed to the supermarkets, where I spent a whopping $9 on food (I used some of my gift card at trader joes and then the rest was over at safeway - i got some stuff to make breakfast and lunch, plus some ice cream). We cooked dinner at home and I also made myself breakfast and lunch for today in an attempt to save money and be a bit healthier (cottage cheese with fruit and pasta salad - we'll see how it turned out). Overall I had a pretty relaxing weekend with not a lot of spending.

In other news... I've listed the first of my balenciaga bags up for sale. I've been thinking a lot lately about how all of these designer items are almost like a facade. Do I need them? Not at all. Do I like them? Of course I do but how many bags do I have sitting in my closet? I think concentrating on my savings and then setting goals for myself is a better idea than buying a ton of expensive bags when in reality I have all I need.

Today I do have to head to the tailors though - pants that need to be hemmed aren't doing any good just sitting in my closet if I can't wear them!

This morning I also made my first deposit into my new bank fund - I've decided that I want it to be a fun fund/bag fund/shopping fun. So I currently have 46.00! It's not much, but its still a start!

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