Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend roundup

This weekend went by unbelievably fast... but without much spending! Friday night Dave and I stayed in and watched a movie that he had gotten from fandango. Saturday morning I went to mass with my mom and then we had lunch/shopped. I picked up a pair of work slacks for 29 - they had been 50 and 40% - so I couldn't resist. I'm kinda getting burned out on wearing jeans just about everyday, and they would look great dressed up.

Saturday evening we went to the movies and I bought an icee and some candy. Total - $7.25.

Sunday we relaxed by the pool and did some grocery shopping but with script. Total - $0. Had to put some gas in my car though, so that was $10. And we had dinner at home, which was a total of $0.

Weekend total - $46.25. Not too bad - but if I hadn't gotten charges would've been dropped. But what can I do - work clothes are work clothes, correct?

Anyway, on the visa front - I got another birthday check and that brings the total of birthday money to $300.00 - I'm feeling better about paying down the visa. Now if only the checks from work come, that would be great. I also think I might do the freeze trick with the card - freeze it in a bag of water in the freezer so that I can defrost it in DIRE emergencies - car trouble, vet visit, something along those lines. We shall see though..

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Missie said...

Damn, how did you spend $7 on a movie and snacks?! The movie itself is like $10.25!!