Friday, September 5, 2008

Foot for thought..

Shoes. Something that as a woman, I can't avoid - and even if I wasn't well, they are somewhat of a necessity. But moreso to the point, let's look at the shoes to the left - Tory Burch's reva leather ballet flats. No mater how hard I try I can't get these out of my head - with the adjustable elastic banding, the leather(!!), and the bling but subtle look at me gold medallion on the front. But the thing that holds me back? The $195 price tag. And with CA state tax of .0825, they come out to be a whopping $211.09 - about $105 per foot. PER FOOT! And for this reason I will continue to shove these precious babies out of my head.

$211 - what could I do with that money? Save it. Or use it to pay off another chunk of the visa bill. It could be put toward electric or the cable bill.

Perhaps instead I will stalk Nordstrom Rack to see if these ever show up. But on second thought, I think I'll just avoid shopping all together.

I think a goal for me this weekend is go hardcore go through my wardrobe and find some things that I haven't worn (shoes, etc) and see if I can somehow sell them. Twiggers and her blog of getting rid of anything and everything unnecessary that is cluttering up my life and closet is inspiring me to do so. Plus one person's trash is another person's treasure! Craigslist and ebay, here I come.

And I forgot about another thing I have up for sale - a small Louis Vuitton item that I have priced at $175. That would make another huge difference in the bill and also give me a boost in my savings. Here's to selling!

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