Wednesday, September 3, 2008

new beginnings...

So, I usually don't know what to say in these things for the first post. But here's a layout..

About me: 24, full time receptionist and exec assistant at an architectural firm in San Francisco. I love my city and think it's the best in the world - San Francisco will always be my home. I have two pet chinchillas whom I love dearly, a boyfriend, and a fabulous apartment. I love shopping - unfortunately it's habit I indulge in too frequently. I have a bit of credit card debt that I want to eliminate and to start building my savings account back up. I often fight urges of spending money just to make myself better and will buy designer jeans, MAC makeup, and high end designer handbags (LV, Balenciaga, etc). While I love my gorgeous items, I want to be more - and feel more financially stable. 

Hang on for a ride cause I have no idea which way it's going to take me...


missie said...
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Missie said...

Hey Laura aka my RAOK buddy!!

How are you doing?? YAY you know have a blog!! I'm going to subscribe to you too!! I have a bad habit of forgetting to log in and post often. Life just gets sooo hectic and I have no time!! I hope you keep this up. I'll be here to help remind you if you'd like to!!

So Laura, would you like me to mail your package to you, or would you like to meet up for dinner and get it???


I had wrote the first comment, but I had to delete it because I was using my school/work email address on that one and shouldn't have been. Does my comment or email show up for that one still??